Epson Expression ET-2750 Printer


Epson Expression ET-2750 All In One Printer - This printer comes with the latest technology that is free to use revolutionary cartridges equipped with a tanner and easy to charge. Ink is able to last longer in this tank approximately 2 years. The ink in this tank can print up to 5200 pages, or if you use a cartridge it should take 30 sets. This tank is equipped with a feature auto stop bottle that consists of a variety of unique colors to make it easier to fill the tank with ink. Using this tank can save up to 80%.

Comes with full features, Epson Expression ET-2750 Printer allows you to print documents wirelessly. You can print from your Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad and more. Includes built-in Wi-Fi feature and is capable of automatic 2-sided printing. Getting many advantages using this Epson Expression ET-2750 Printer. The Epson ET-2750 printer will greatly assist you for printing problems in your office or home, without having to replace the cartridges or loading ink more often.

The printing capability is amazing

Epson Expression ET-2750 Printer is capable of printing 6500 pages of black-and-white documents and 5200 color prints. This capability is equivalent to using 30 ink cartridge sets.

Save up to 80%

The Epson Expression ET-2750 Printer offers up to 80 percent savings at a lower switching cost. Ease of filling and using the super tank.


This connectivity feature allows you to print documents from mobile devices such as Android smartphones, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and more. Including Wi-Fi direct feature and cartridge fee printing.
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Cartridge-Free Printing

You do not have to worry about ink problems, because ink in the tank can last up to the year.

Prints two side pages automatics

Printing on both sides of the page will save paper up to 50%.

1.44 inch screen with good display quality

On this screen are presented with easy menu navigation for printer settings, so Epson Expression ET-2750 Printer works more optimally. Epson Expression ET-2750 Printer is given card slot makes it easy to print and borderless 4 "x6" photo, free PC.

Exclusive Auto-Stop Ink Bottles

This feature provides the ease to fill in each color ink that runs out.

Monthly printing capability

Based on average monthly print volume can reach 150 (ET-2550, ET-2500, ET-2600, ET-2750, ET-4500, ET-2650, ET-2700), 300 pages (ET-4550, ET-4750 , ET-3600, ET-7750, ET-16500, ET-3700, ET-3750, ET-7700), and 800 pages (WF-R4640).


You can use the adapter when necessary

12 month warranty

Warranty prints 50,000 sheets or 12 months and uses Epson original ink bottles as well as register products.