Nikon D3400 DSLR Review, Specs And Price Camera


Hello welcome to this site, you may want to find a camera has high quality equipped with various interesting features. We offer Nikon D3400 DSLR, this is one of the leading products from Nikon that fall into the category of best sellers. The resulting photos are sharper and detailed because the Nikon D3400 DSLR has a 24.2 MP CMOS Sensor, so it is very appropriate to be used by beginners and professional photographer, even anyone can try this amazing camera.

Specification of Nikon D3400 DSLR:

Nikon D3400 has 24.2MP DX-Format CMOS Sensor, SnapBridge Bluetooth Connectivity, Image Processor EXPEED 4, No Optical Low-Pass Filter, and other features are Native ISO 100-25600; 5 fps Shooting. Compatability information: C firmware v. 1.10 and later (released August 31, 2016 ).

Today many people take family photos using the camera from a Smartphone, but unfortunately the photos produced by the Smartphone camera is still less clear and ill-informed. Well, do you want to display low quality photos on your social media account? For that, you can replace with Nikon D3400 which has Triple Lens Parent's Kit. This camera will further pamper you because with a little effort you can get a perfect picture, even shooting in low light conditions.

Nikon D3400 is the successor camera of the Nikon D3300, although still classified as entry level camera, but the D3400 has good quality and rich with interesting features. Convenient design makes it easier to operate. At the back of the camera you will find a 3 inch LCD screen for camera settings.

Equipped with a powerful 24.2 MP sensor, of course the Nikon D3400 camera can provide good performance, including producing HD quality video recording. The camera is also capable of taking pictures quickly up to 5 fps, this is due to EXPEED 4, while the ISO range is between 100 to 24,600. On the Shutter Speed Camera Nikon D3400 is very helpful to improve performance, because it can provide 1/4000 to 30 seconds.

You can send photos or vidoe to other devices easily, because the Nikon D3400 has embedded snapbridge feature. This feature utilizes Bluetooth for sharing photos and videos. Bluetooth Low Energy feature is able to know and store other devices that the purpose of sharing photos or video.

Nikon D3400 ready to accompany your trip for several hours, because this camera has more power than Nikon 3300m is 1200 photos. Another feature that makes Nikon D3400 more favored by many people is the Software Guide Mode, this software works to help the camera when shooting and video in certain conditions. This will certainly make it easier for the best shots. Unfortunately, the Nikon D3400 is not equipped with an anti-dust feature that is used to clean the external mic port.

Nikon D3400 as the camera successor of the previous version of the D3300, so the Nikon D3300 component is still below by Nikon D3400, but Nikon D3400 given new technology. Nikon still focus on developing a type of DSLR camera, unlike other cameras that further develop the mirrorless camera. The quality of the kit lens is also quite good because AF-P greatly supports autofocus for better, both for shooting and video.

With the help of Nikon D3400 autofocus, this camera is able to take pictures and video faster. Do not be afraid of the quality of photos, while taking pictures or videos of children are running, jumping, riding bikes and others. Not only that, this camera portrait also produces images with more natural skin tones. This is very appropriate if used for photographing babies with low light.

Nikon D3400 camera is made for beginner photographers, but good enough for professional photographers.