Samsung Z2 : Price, Full Specs

Samsung Z2 Price | Still remember with Smartphone ads on television "Mobille Pehone so ..." hehe ... honestly this ad could make me laugh. This ad does not mean to tease for those of you who still use the old HP model, but this is the cost of a lot of one $ 53, you can already be spoiled with modern features. So to get a modern HP you do not need to reach too deep pockets. Samsung Z1 has been officially released as the next generation of the Samsung Z1.

With the presentations of Samsung Z2 is priced from HP to HP's latest model. Offering the experience with this latest low cost HP, you can certainly enjoy modern features such as 4G LTE network, advanced camera and multimedia to meet your daily entertainment needs. Although fairly cheap, the Samsung Z2 is able to work optimally to meet your needs for a Smartphone that is definitely more than just to communicate. Well, what about the overall performance of this Samsung Z2? Here's the review.

The price of Samsung Z2 Smartphone is cheap. However, Samsung LT2 will facilitate when browsing, chat, and social media. From the screen sector, the Samsung Z2 comes with a screen that is not so broad that only 4-inch diagonal. Although not so large but still very comfortable for a pair of eyes looked at the screen feature. This screen size is given a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, and brings TFT Capacitive Touchscreen technology. Other screen support is also provided features multitouch and 233ppi screen density.

Samsung Z2

The shortage of this screen sector is the absence of a scratch-resistant protector so when you buy it it should add it yourself to be safe when using it. This may be related to a very cheap price for a Smartphone. So that, the outside of Samsung Z2 is also made of plastic instead of metallic materials. The material is cheap, but the look of Samsung Z2 body is still able to hypnotize every eye. As for the dimensions of the Samsung Z2 is still ideal and appropriate for the size of the handset of Indonesia that has a length of 121.5 mm, width of Samsung Z2 63 mm and thickness of Samsung Z2 is 10.8 mm and the weight is not too heavy that is only 127 gr. So with this size will be very easy when taken anywhere you go.

Dimensional dimensions also still provide comfort in the hand when using it. Price Samsung Z2 is located in the middle to lower segment, so the innards or hardware planted also fairly standard. That is the brain Smartphone or chipset using Speadtrum that has a performance quite reliable. Powered by quad-core processor 1.5GHz Cortex A7 speed. And reinforced with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory, from the amount of memory that makes the performance of Samsung Z2 less than the maximum, but for multitasking is still running smoothly. The weakness when used to run heavy applications such as big games can not run smoothly because the internal memory is also fairly small.

Price Samsung Z2 is less than one million rupiah, it still brings a capable camera. Namely the rear camera is given a caliber of 5 MP that can record video with HD quality (High Definition) 720 @ 30fps and 4128 x 3096 pixels resolution. While the self-cameras rely on VGA camera is still good to use berselfie ria. Well, with the completion of the camera you can capture important moments in your life both in the form of photos and videos and without worry running out of storage space.

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In the connectivity you do not need to worry because the price of Samsung Z2 is not up to one million is already supporting the super fast network of today is 4G LTE. For communication you can use 2 SIM Card Slot. Not enough that just the other connectivity features such as USB OTG, WiFi, hotspot and bluetooth also found on Samsung Z2. Interestingly again another sophisticated feature is also ready to use to access the location of GPS GLONASS.

Well, interesting is not this Samsung Z2? Now let's look at some of its advantages and weaknesses.

The Excellent of Samsung Z2:
  1. Cheap Price of the main camera is 5 MP
  2. Equipped with 2 SIM Card Slot
  3. It has 8 GB ROM and microSD up to 200GB
  4. It uses quad-core processors with a speed of 1.5GHz
  5. Already support 4GLTE network
  6. Equipped with USB OTG
  7. The battery can be removed
  8. And the last one that must be cheap

                Kelemahan Samsung Z2:
                1. Not equipped with screen protection
                2. Screen resolution fairly small and less than the maximum
                3. Not yet IPS technology
                4. Its VGA selfie camera
                That is some advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Z2, while for the price of Samsung Z2 is priced at $ 50 (new). To meet your tastes have been provided 3 color variants of black, gold and red.

                Well, now what about you? Is interested in this Samsung Z2 Smartphone?