Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 Full Specification

Price Of Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 - The entry level Smartphone are present again in the Indonesian market, this time has a Polytron mobile that has been officially released in some time ago. This latest brand is "Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501". Equipped with features and better technology and friendly prices are expected to break the Smartphone market in the middle class down this. What about the performance of Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501, is it ready to be a consumer choice in this country? Consider the following performance.

As the name frills that bear 4G means that this smartphone was created especially for the netter. Which Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 will spoil the wearer in surfing in the virtual world with the support of super fast technology that is 4G LTE. Browsing and playing streaming video smoothly will be more fun, not enough that alone with this fastest internet technology will surely support your other needs for example to social media and run the demands of work that cannot be separated from communication. Even lately a lot of enterprise applications that require employees to have a smarphone in order to work on the job online.

Screen quality is also very supportive for game lovers and plays the video because the display screen looks more clear and detailed. This is thanks to the screen IPS technology with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and carrying the latest display technology is 2.5D Glass Screen arc visualized on the screen size of 5 inches. The density of the screen reaches 294ppi and identifies 16 million colors, so the display of content presented by the screen looks more perfect because of the better screen quality. For those of you who like to play games need to consider this one smartphone.

Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501

Not to forget in terms of fashionable, Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 is designed with a thinner shape and body wrapped with metal material to make it look more elegant and beautiful. Luxurious impression is also afforded by the design of Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501, which is a shiny metal material and a thin bezel will show the charm. So when hanging out with friends, friends or other smartphon Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 is pretty slick to be on display. Not only that the ideal smartphone dimensions provide comfort when operating it and make it easier when taken anywhere. Ease of carrying it because it is also a lighter weight even lighter than its predecessor.

Performance of processor of Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 entrust Mediatek MT6735A chipset combined with quad-core processor speed 1.3 GHz Cortex-A53 64-bit architecture. This kitchen runway gets 2GB of RAM support and 16GB of internal memory capable of processing data quickly. If the storage memory provided by Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 is not enough, do not worry because it can still be expanded by using microSD. But unfortunately this Smartphone is only supported by energy capacity of 2150 mAh battery.

Although the price of smartphone for Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 fairly cheap but not cheap, because with the price of one million Smartphone you can get a lot of features that are broadcast in Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 this. Operating System Android 5.1 Lollipop will bring a visual screen that is not behind. Another advantage of Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 is already equipped with new UI technology that has been in accordance with TKDN Fira OS technology that there are interesting features. It turns out that the interface that brought this more fun and make Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 other than the others.

The using smarphone is not only to communicate both sms and calls, but to support other purposes. For example used for work and also to get entertainment either through multimedia or surf the internet. Well to meet this need has been prepared by Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 which support with internet network 2G, HSDPA, 3G and the latest Internet network technology 4G LTE.

The ability of 4G LTE network speed by Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 is recorded when uploading internet speed files up to 50 Mega bytes per second and download speeds up to 150 Mega bytes per second. As for connectivity features equipped with Bluetooth features, Wi-Fi and USB 2.0 port. From this connection feature allows you to transfer files to different devices such as laptops and PCs.

Another important part of Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 is the camera sector that is not behind to be one important point for smartphone users. They buy most Smartphone also replace their cameras that have been left behind. Thus the quality of the camera is also a dream for every person when about to buy Smartphone. But fortunately for Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 equipped with a qualified camera quality to create a more optimal results.

Compare to:
Rear camera Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 equipped with 8 MP lens in support with LED Flash feature and also auto focus. Of course, by activating the LED Flash when capturing, will reduce the effect of noise on the picture, especially when shooting in a place that is less light. As for the front camera is given a 5 MP lens is good enough for selfie and video calls. Unfortunately for this camera is not equipped with autofocus feature and phase detection and duo tone flash smartphone in its class already many who use these features.

Well, if you want to see a summary of the Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 specification, please read the following.

Specification Of Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501

  1. 5 Inches IPS-panelled display and 720x1280 pixels HD quality. While the screen density is 294 ppi.
  2. Mediatek Chipset MT6735A, 1.3 GHz Cortex-A53 64-bit placementor.
  3. 2Gb RAM internal memory 16GB.
  4. Android System Lollipop 5.1.
  5. 8MP rear camera and 5 MP selfie camera.
  6. Battery: Li-lion 2150 mAh.

Price Of Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501

The price of Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 is $ 65. This price may change at any time due to many factors.

Similarly reviews Polytron Zap 6 Posh 4G501 hopefully can help for those of you who want to buy a smartphone.