Infinix Hot 3 X553 Full Specification

Price Infixix Hot 3 X553, - Infinix Mobile recently issued a new smartphone named Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553. In this product launch Infinix released two products namely Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 and Infinix Hot 3 LTE X554, but it is estimated that more can break the market is X553 series why for this series has been supported with fastest internet connection that is 4G LTE while only X553 only use 3G . The latest hardware sophistication makes this Smartphone work more leverage, 64-bit processor has a speed of 2-fold compared to 32-bit, a combination of RAM used is 2GB that is able to process each application faster.

Performance Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 is almost the same as Andromax R2 when viewed from its hardware performance brings 2GB RAM and brain Smartphone using Snapdragon 415. But many differences, such as Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 comes with a larger body, but body wrapping is not made of metal material that is using plastic materials, although the outside look remains slick and shiny. This 5 screen looks more interesting with wrapped frame that has been using metal material. Overall Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 design still look cool and elegant.

The price of a smartphone that only revolves around one million is still offering a complete feature to suit your needs. Both cameras, rear and front enough reliable to immortalize the important moments in your life. Not only that, Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 is also ready to support the entertainment and communication needs you need every day. pulled again Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 has been equipped with battery that can last a day, Infinix pinning battery this smartphone can last up to 9 hours, durability when used voice can reach 20 hours and when used multimedia play will last longer 33 hours.
Infinix Hot 3 X553

Longer battery endurance time is certainly not going to bother you to go back to charge in a short time. But what is left for this battery sector is the absence of fast charging technology so it takes a while for battery charging. The sound quality of the phone is also clearer and clearer because Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 has applied Double Mic technology that filters out noisy noises. Calling in a clear voice will definitely be more fun, imagine when you call but the voice of your opponent is less clear, may be annoyed right, usually immediately disconnect the phone and call back.

Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 is designed slick and applying the concept of agronomic will certainly provide comfort when in hand. Plus the back cover is made of texture so it will avoid slippery and Smartphone do not easily fall when in hand. Material bandage made of cheap materials but with a minimal Smartphone thickness makes the appearance of Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 still remain elegant and pleasing to the eye, as Smartphone design today.

Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 has brought GFF Full Lamination technology that is carried and applied to the screen measuring 5.5 inches. The blessing of this technology will bring a very clear and soft display screen; this is because of its ability to reduce the bias of light. As for the given screen resolution is HD 720 x 1280 pixels and display density of 267 ppi. The quality of the screen display is very support for those of you who like to donate videos and play games. Images look clear then every video played and games that are played more comfortable in the eyes.

The work capability of Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 is supported with Snapdragon 415 chipset combined with 1.4GHz processor speed and already has 64-bit architecture. Reportedly the new processor speed that carried Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 has a greater speed of Cortex-A7-based processor. As for the process of displaying the Smartphone is supported with Adreno 405 graphics engine. Not enough that alone, Infinix also added Hexagon DSP technology that serves to save battery.

Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 processor reinforced with 2 GB RAM and internal memory of 16 GB. If you are not satisfied with this default storage, you can add it yourself by using microSD up to 32Gb. The main software Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 using Android 5.1 Lollipop, so it is possible to application range can be installed on this Smartphone. a combination of processors supported by 2 GB of RAM this of course make Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 more fluent and powerful.

Support for the fastest 4G LTE internet technology is sure to be more desirable to many people, it is already on Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553. Fast internet connection will spoil you when surfing the virtual world either bersosial media or watch streaming video and even still running smoothly when used to play online games. Dual SIM support can also help you to distinguish which job calls and calls are private, because using two SIM Card you can use in its use that is to distinguish your business.

Apart from the 4G LTE internet connections, Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 also supports HSPA and 3G internet links as an alternative if it does not get 4G LTE network. While other connectivity found on Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, usb port On The Go. This complete connectivity will provide convenience when you want to access hotspots and to transfer data to other devices. Do you like the music or other Smartphone entertainment? Fortunately Infinix is aware of it. Because it has provided Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 with advanced audio technology that is K-Chargerpump applied to the amplifier. Well thus the sound generated when playing MP3 or video will sound more stable.

As with other Smartphone today, Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 is also equipped with 2 cameras that are rear camera as the main camera and front camera as a camera selfie. However, the camera is carried by Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 more reliable because it is equipped with various additional features. For the main camera has a resolution of 8 MP and the sensor using Omnivision 0V8865. This type of sensor brought has 5 layers of lens and equipped with LED Flash lights and other features such as autofocus, touch focus, gesture, HDR, and smile detection. What is certain with the quality of this camera will provide exceptional shots.

Selfie camera with 5 MP resolution of the front camera Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 is equipped with wide angel feature with wide angle 84derajat, selfie soft light and face beauty features. The width of the lens on the front camera that is carried by this Smartphone is 1.4 micronpixels, which is useful to replace the LED Flash so that even though shooting in place less light by using the front camera the result remains good. Well now need a budget how to bring home Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 this?

Price Of Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553

The price offered for the smartphone usually varies depending on where and who is selling. But as a reference price Infinix Hot 3 LTE X553 offered approximately $ 65.

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