Modem WiFi Andromax 4G LTE Review

Basically Smartfren has provided various devices to support the technology of 4G LTE Super fast network. There are many Smartphone products that have been launched to provide services so that consumers can enjoy this LTE network starting from the price below $ 75 to the price above $ 75. Where this Smartphone has been equipped with VoLTE technology that is ready to use for phone calls as well as video calls (video call).

But not enough just Smartphone devices to get the 4G network path but to further improve its service has now presented Wi-Fi modem Andromax 4G LTE which is the answer for my friend who does not have Smartfren Smartphone product. So that way, if you use old Smartphone then you need not move to Smartfren.

Modem WiFi Andromax 4G LTE
This means that even if you use a Smartphone other than Smartfren you can still enjoy the 4G network path by using this Andromax 4G Wi-Fi LTE modem. Even not only that, using MiFi Andromax is not only Smartphone that can connect but other devices can also access it like a laptop and other gaming devices. Modem Wi-Fi Andromax 4G LTE or MiFi there are two variants offered including M2P and M2Y. Both devices are capable of providing 15 to 32 connection capacity at the same time. The shape is small so it is very practical to carry anywhere ie you can keep it in your pants pocket and ready to use anytime.
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This modem can accommodate connected devices from 15 to 32 devices, well this is right for those of you who need a shared connection such as office, family, gathering with colleagues or colleagues. When using MiFi 4G to access Smartfren service then you will be presented with three choices. All three options are priced at the same price of 299 thousand for MiFi M2P, M2Y and Andromax M2S. What distinguishes between the three is the capacity of the supported device at the same time. For M2P and M2Y can accommodate up to 32 connection while for M2S can only accommodate 15 connection.

There are also some services offered by Smartfren that makes you a new subscription will get MiFi Andromax i.e. you only need to pay $ 22 thousand to buy the package data MiFi 30GB. After activation, you will also get a bonus quota of 4.5 GB data valid for 7 days. Another bonus can be earned by doing top up 100 thousand will get bonus quota 19 Gb but this is only valid for twelve months and twelve top ups. Well interesting is not the package offered by this Smartfren. The presence of MiFi Andromax or modem WiFi Andromax 4G LTE is the best solution for my friend who does not have Andromax Smartphone or Smartfren smart phone other but requires 4G LTE network.

So with your Wi-Fi Andromax 4G LTE modem no need to change your old Smartphone no need to change the mobile operator you are using.

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