Vivo V3 : Price, Full Specification And Powerfull

Price and specification Vivo V3, - Vivo V3 is designed smaller than Vivo V3Max although of the two are similar but different innards. For the smaller Vivo V3 form is certainly not all that is in V3Max included in Vivo V3. Although the shape is small but the performance and performance is very qualified to support your daily needs. Well how this Vivo V3 specification? Let's see the following together.

Vivo V3 Specs

Vivo V3 is designed with a smaller body so it is very convenient to carry anywhere without needed troublesome, just put it into the pockets pocket pants is not simple right? Not only that unibody concept is integrated on the outside of this Vivo V3 and will certainly add to its appearance more visible and solid. The appearance of a more premium body will increase your appearance when hanging out with anyone. At the back is given a layer of sand blast that makes Vivo V3 remain comfortable when held and not slippery and will avoid dirt such as hand scars.

Vivo V3 is also designed with an ergonomic system in which every corner of the Smartphone body is formed curved and rounded which makes his appearance is not stiff and feels good to grasped. However, between the SIM slot 1 and SIM 2 separate, where the SIM 2 slot is on the top side. For the fingerprint sensor placed on the back.

Vivo V3

Vivo V3

Vivo V3 comes with a 5 inch screen that resolution HD (720x1280piksel), this resolution is small compared with relatives like V3Max, but still able to produce a pretty spoiled look your pair of eyes. This screen sectors have also embedded IPS technology that will keep the display sharp even under direct sunlight. The screen of Vivo V3 remains powerful to produce good colors when used daily activities such as browsing, social media and playing games.

Vivo V3

The power of the processor, Vivo V3 is powered by an upscale Smartphone chipset so that its performance is maximized and powered by quad-core processor speed 1.5 GH Cortex A53 and quad-core 1.0 GHz Cortex-A53 Soc Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 MSM 8939. The power of this processor is combined with RAM 3GB that will make the performance Vivo V3 still powerfull. This processor is also supported by a good graphics engine that uses Adreno 405. The result is when Vivo V3 used to play heavy games will still display a clear and detailed images and can run smoothly or not slow. As for internal memory 32 GB and can be expanded up to 128GB.

In the photography sector Vivo V3 equipped with two high-resolution camera and equipped with many additional features. The rear camera uses a 13 MP caliber which is great for producing quality images. For selfie cameras carrying 8MP caliber which will certainly make the user feel satisfied with the results capturing pics. This camera section is equipped with many features to enhance the appearance of the resulting image. Among the features are face beauty, filter effects, edit and watermark features. To capture can be done in many ways that can be through the default, through voice commands, through hand waves, touch, fingerprint sensor and timer. Interestingly, although the quality is not full HD, but for the results of the camera recording is full HD power that you will certainly provide amazing image quality.

In the connectivity section, HP Vivo V3 has support 4G LTE fast internet connection, so you will be free from slow internet network so you will feel comfortable when surfing the internet, social media, even while playing online games. Well to support the security of personal data, you can take advantage of fingerprint facility. So now without worrying even though HP often lies everywhere. HP Vivo V3 powered by a capacity of 2550 mAh battery is quite durable for everyday use.

The Excellent of Vivo V3
  1. Already support 4G network
  2. Equipped with fingerprint
  3. Body is good
  4. Octa-core processor
  5. The larger RAM is 3GB
The weakness of Vivo V3
  1. No NFC
  2. OS has not used Android 6 Marshmallow
Vivo V3 (New) Sale package:
  1. Smartphone
  2. Earphone
  3. Handset
  4. Data cable
  5. Adapter Charger
  6. Jelly case
  7. Guide book
  8. Guarantee card
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What about the specifications and price of Vivo V3? If interested please you buy and get the lowest price from the best seller. Thanks.