Hisen C20 Kingkong : Price And Full Specification

Hisen C20 Kingkong II is a Smartphone that is claimed to have a formidable power like King Kong, where this Smartphone has been certified IP67 known as smart phone resilient, waterproof and dust. As well as equipped with features that are very qualified as support for LTE 4G network for all mobile operators and support CDMA network on Rev. A and the hardware strength is unquestionable. Well how detailed the specification and the price? Let's see the same specs of it  below.

Hisen C20 Kingkong II Specifications

The advantages of Hisen C20 Kingkong II is claimed to be resilient, as well as anti-dust and dust, from body shape has been designed more solid and rigid. The side of the Smartphone is designed using a metal material so that it is very strong plus on the side edge corner given the basic material of rubber paper. That's Hisen C20 Kingkong II is known for its extreme hard-earned Smartphone this is reinforced with the PI67 certification to strengthen it. Based on the test of this Smartphone resilient to a height of 1.2 meters and able to survive for 30 minutes in water with a depth of 1 meter and can survive in dust conditions.

Hisen C20 Kingkong II
For a buddy who has a hobby of traveling who often do the extreme things then Hisen C20 Kingkong II will certainly be suitable for you have. This smart phone is designed by applying a unibody design concept so all the ports and control panel are on the side of this thing to protect it from water and dust. Not only that each port has also been given a special protective coating to strengthen the protection of water and dust. While the place of the SIM card using the tray system and given a cover made of rubber which again so that water cannot get into the Smartphone.

The screen has been given a protective layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 is safe enough to protect the screen from sharp scratches. Hisen C20 Kingkong II uses very tough hardware because it has adopted pureShot +. Well the very important sector that is part of the processor Hisen C20 Kingkong II using Qualcomm Snapdragon 415 chipset reinforced with Octa-core processor 64-bit architecture and speed 1.4 Gz. Not only that, this processor part is also supported with 2 GB RAM and 16GB ROM. OS using Android 5.1 Lollipop v. UI 2.0.

Hisen C20 Kingkong II

The strength of this processor and coupled with the Android OS 5.1 will surely improve Smartphone performance when running various applications such as browsing, chatting, gaming and also other multitasking capabilities. As for the screen using a 5 inch size with a resolution of 720 pixels is good enough to spoil a pair of eyes. The size of 5-inch sailing Smartphone is very comfortable in the hand while carrying it and easy to operate it with just one hand.

In the camera sector, Hisen C20 Kingkong II adopts the specifications owned by PureShot that is for the rear camera using a sensor made by Sony with 13MP resolution with advanced features HDR mode, Night, Night por, baby mode, beauty, macro and panorama so reliable enough to produce photo shoot quality. The advantages of this advanced feature like Macros will produce more picture and quality, but unfortunately for Hisen C20 Kingkong II is only given one LED Flash so that less maximum to produce images taken from objects with less lighting.

However you can try to overcome this by using the effects feature and other features. To accommodate the selfie Hisen C20 Kingkong II also equip it with a 5MP front camera accompanied by a beauty mode, but unfortunately not equipped with LED Flash, so the targeted image from a place with minimal light is less than the maximum.

Hisen C20 Kingkong II powered by a capacity of 3100 mAh battery capacity, battery capacity is quite large when compared with Smartphone batteries in its class. This battery can last a day if the normal use but if the weak network of batteries can run out less than a day. But unfortunately, for this battery sector Hisen not equipped with battery saving technology (power saving), so you need to control its use so that the battery does not run out fast.

The the part of SIM has been equipped with dual SIM and dual standby on the 4G LTE network with full frequency band. It is namely on the network of TDD 2,300 MHz frequency, and network 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. Thus you can use all 4G LTE card from existing operators in the world. Interestingly for Hisen C20 Kingkong II is supported with CDMA 800 MHz ev A network. Well while your CDMA still you can use for phone calls and then will be replaced with VoLTE service. Another advantage is Hisen C20 Kingkong II using a micro SIM more familiar.

The use of your 4G LTE access does not need to change the settings for example for LTE Only settings, but enough just by enabling Smartphone data and should have smartfren package. The speed of 4G LTE on Hisen C20 Kingkong II up to 150 Mbps for download and upload can reach speeds up to 50 Mbps. Other connectivity features are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB port and pulling Micro USB has support USB technology On The Go, meaning the flash can be directly to read on the Smartphone.

The advantages of Hisen C20 Kingkong II
  1. It has dual 4G LTE
  2. Can be for CDMA networks
  3. Durable, water and dust
    The Weakness of Hisen C20 Kingkong II
    1. SIM card tray a little inconvenient
    2. Full HD display resolution
    3. Not yet accompanied by battery saving technology

      Hisen C20 Kingkong II Price

      Hisen C20 Kingkong II Price is $ 180 and there are two variants of black and white. Interested in Hisense C20 Kingkong II please check the price update in online stores that have been available.

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