Lumix GX85 Camera Mirrorles Panasonic


Vendor technology from Kangaroo Affairs is re-introducing new cameras, this latest product is ROAM-e selfie drone "Lumix GX85" which has been equipped with quad-core processor type ARM cortex A7. This microprocessor technology is supported with CMOS 5 MP and combined with the latest face detection technology. When this drone is flying in the air it has the advantage to snap photos with 5MP powered. Lumix GX85 is also given two propellers that are very possible to fly far so that it can take or capture a wider object. Not only this, its use is also quite easy because it can connect with other devices such as android and iOS with additional software media that must be installed on the Smartphone.

What is more amazing than this mirrorless camera is able to detect objects as far as 25 meters so as to capture objects that are so vast and have the ability to take panoramas to reach 360 degrees. This capability can be exploited when you need a large image capture. Lumix GX85 has a compact form that is the successor of the camera mirrorles is now being developed. In addition to the above cameras latest mirrorles made by Panasonic also has other interesting specifications that you should consider when you need these types of cameras. Well how specification before you decide to buy it. Before buying this Panasonic mirrorless camera makes sure you have fallen in love with him. Well, here’s the full specs.

Lumix GX85 Camera Mirrorless

Lumix GX85 comes with a better feature than the younger siblings, the article Lumix GX85 has been equipped with a 16 M MP digital live sensor. This sensor is an advantage of Lumix GX85 compared with previous versions. Thanks to the power of this sensor then the performance of Lumix GX85 able to increase 10% compared to previous versions. To produce better shots, Lumix GX85 is also equipped with 5-axis image stabilization. From this technology, each image shots look more clear and clear. Interestingly again Lumix GX85 is also accompanied by anti-motion technology called electromagnetic drive technology. So when flying the shots is not affected by the vibration effect of the propeller.

Lumix GX85 Camera Mirrorless

Other mainstay feature is the autofocus system or called the depth from defocus speed 1.07 seconds. It turns out the sophistication of Lumix GX85 not only in the sector mentioned above, but the ability to record video is also very qualified. Video recording capability is 4k with speed between 30-24 frames per second. The frame speed of 60 frames per second is capable of producing full autofocus at full HD video resolution. Thanks to this viewfinder feature will be easier when retrieving objects both images and video.
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The Lumix GX85 has a screen depth of 2764k dot in viewfinder feature combined with 1.39 magnimagnification as well as 100 percent field of view. What makes the Lumix GX85 interesting again is that although the screen is 3 inches but can be expanded up to 180 degrees. While in the connectivity sector you need not fear, because for better use and to connect with family and friends, the Lumix GX85 has been equipped with Wi-Fi that can connect with Smartphone. Well because this connection will make it easier when sharing with relatives, friends or others. Another additional feature is technological tracking devices follow me which makes Lumix GX85 can follow the owner as far as 3 meters.

After reading thoroughly Lumix GX85 specification, well now what about the price? Maybe my friend was curious to know how much the price of Lumix GX85, Price Lumix GX85 Panasonic mirrorless camera is $ 349.

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