Earset Vivan VE270 Tepat Untuk PonSel Anda

Not all phones include additional accessories in the sales package, such as earset sometimes are not included in the sales package even though the condition of the phone is still new, if the second phone buying is mostly also accompanied by the earset. Well, the accessories such as earset is needed to be able to enjoy the music from the music rebound or used for the phone. If you are a person who like dialing everywhere of course if you hold the phone continuously and paste into the ear is tired, nah solution you can use earset.

To get the right earset for your phone you can choose Vivan VE270, earset is able to meet your needs both to enjoy the sound of music and for the phone. Sometimes if you have a quality phone it would be great if you get a good earset support as well. One more thing, if your phone is good like it will also produce a good sound. But how can it give a clear voice and kick if you use a less supportive earset. For this you can try Vivan VE270 in guarantee will produce sound more clearly and kick.

Earset Vivan VE270

Vivan VE270 is able to provide better quality sound, not only that in the sales package Vivan VE270 includes different eartip size, so you can use eartip as needed. Plus features one more Vivan VE270 accompanied also with a bag made of leather for storage when the earset is not used. With earset stored in the bag will be more practical to carry anywhere and certainly not easily damaged.

Vivan VE270 small earset cable rectangular shape, this cable looks limp but not easily tangled. Well even if the cable buckling in buckling will remain easy to use because it is not easy to tangle. In the IEM sector is designed pretty well, the article IEM is made from plastic wrapped with metallic paint that impressed quality. Not only that paint that is also not easy to peel off, so it will make earset is more durable and will still look good.

The eartip portion is made from rubber raw material so it does not cause ear diseases otherwise comfortable to use for long. Each driver cable is the same length, now for the controller functions found in the right driver. In the jack sector has a size of 3.5 mm and four rings for stereo audio audio and microphone. The resulting sound quality is quite pitted.

The first sound quality is dominated by bass sound, but accompanied by high-frequency treble sound. Hose several hours later the burning process occurs which changes the treble sound increases. Separation of the bass becomes reduced as the treble frequency increases, so the resulting sound is more qualified and tasty ears. Vivan VE270 is also good used for Advan i55 Mobile Phone.