Asus ROG G551 VW Gaming


Most gaming laptops seem big, heavy, and the fan noise is noisy when used for heavy game play, however it is not found in this Asus ROG G551 VW. in the design sector, the Asus ROG G551 VW is designed similarly to the usual as the ultrabook is recently released, the shape is thin and wrapped with aluminum metal material on the cover as well as laptops used to work. Aluminum metal wrap on the cover will be strong and stable. The overall part of Asus ROG G551 VW laptop is wrapped in plastic material. The keyboard section of the entire button is black, while to mark it is given a red color. It's a bit of a bother when typing in a less bright, but this can be overcome by the LED feature that can be adjusted brightness in accordance with your wishes.

The keyboard will illuminate and the yellow red button marker will adjust. Although the keyboard is a bit difficult but over time will get used, you can easily drop the AWSD button because it is marked in red. While the power button is on the right end of the numpad is one row with another button. In the port you can find several ports including 3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 display port, 1 HDMI port, 1 audio button, 1 Ethernet port and 1 port for charging. Asus ROG G551 VW turns out to have a port that is so little compared with other laptop.

In the sector appearances, screen size Asus ROG G551 VW width of 15.6 inches with a ratio of 16: 9 and using the IPS panel to produce an attractive display screen. This IPS panel will reproduce better colors and improve viewing angel and viewing angle. As for the resolution is already ultra-HD or referred to as 4K 3840 x 2160 p. The screen spec is already very supportive for the current game, but in order to improve performance it needs better hardware support. Well on the hardware Asus ROG G551 VW? Asus ROG G551 VW equipped with Intel Core i7 6700HQ chipset with 2.6 GHz speed, this chipset is the sixth generation Intel. There is 8GB of DD4 RAM and supported with graphics using Nvidia GTX 960M 4GB DDR5. In terms of this hardware Asus ROG G551 VW is very qualified to be used to play games even heavy games.
Asus ROG G551 VW Gaming

Interestingly from Asus ROG G551 VW is a cooler sound or cooling fan does not make noise even though used to make heavy game. The heat temperatures generated win little heat still not so felt up to the top of the keyboard. The temperature on will be detected if the ventilation part and the bottom of the laptop. Asus ROG G551 VW works very well for displaying videos that have 4k resolutions, and will be even better if the video display resolution of 1080 pixels Full HD. In terms of appearance Asus ROG G551 VW can still be relied upon because it is capable of displaying high resolution video.

The OS used for Asus ROG G551 VW is windows 10 Home editions, this OS is already install fee which we get in the sales package. Microsoft's Windows 10 has more acceleration compared with other OS types, well this OS will we get in Asus ROG G551 VW. Not only that, Asus also includes MacAfee antivirus software already installed in this laptop. Windows 10 Home Edition has a better performance compared with the previous version, on the other hand will also simplify the installation of the game because a lot of support from game providers.

Battery that brought Asus ROG G551 VW with 5200 mAh capacity, this battery can be last 3 hours in balanced settings. By the condition of standard is an active feature such as Wi-Fi, and other streaming applications. In the battery sector is also equipped with power saving technology that can add a little battery life around half an hour. Unfortunately, overall Asus ROG G551 VW battery is less reliable when used for traveling.

The advantages and disadvantages of Asus ROG G551 VW

Advantages Asus ROG G551 VW:

  • Hawdware can be combined to allow for better performance
  • The design is quite slick
  • Resolution 4k and IPS paneled
  • The backlit portion of the keyboard makes it easy to type when there is minimal light
Weakness of Asus ROG G551 VW:
  • The port section is incomplete for standard gaming laptops
  • No optical audio output was found
  • Does not include adapter on mic port
  • The mic and headset ports converge