5 Cheap Mobile Phones with Fingerprint Technology

The development of mobile phone technology increasingly more sophisticated, this is a positive thing for us, let's call this brand-new phone cell technology such as fingerprint. With this fingerprint technology will facilitate us related to things that are confidential such as secret files, transactions and so forth.

Well this will make you safe when using mobile phones which of us have complaints of sensitive issues that exist on mobile devices. So this technology is the answer for those of you who often experience data from your files known to others including our closest people. Because surely there are things that probably not everyone should know and only you know enough. Therefore, make a friend who wants to maintain the confidentiality of the existing data phone devices? So it is recommended to replace with a fingerprint-tech phone.

New technology embedded in phone cell will generally raise the price of the phone, this technology is also the latest device brought by the latest mobile phones. The mobile manufacturer provides this fingerprint recognizer device once more to make the mobile users feel more secure, from unwanted interruptions such as data theft and so on. This fingerprint technology was not in accordance with what we imagine that the phone that carries this device is offered at an expensive price. On the contrary, the price is quite affordable and does not change the price of mobile phone significantly. What are the phones that are cheap but already equipped with fingerprint technology? Don’t worry! Below you will find 5 Cheap Mobile Phones Fingerprint ready for you in the market. Fingerprint functions include locking the screen, locking hidden and popular files used to verify online transactions.

5 Cheapest mobile phone fingerprint technology

1. Smartphone ZTE Blade A711
Smartphone ZTE Blade A711
ZTE Blade A711 it the latest mobile phone that has brought fingerprint device and marketed at cheap price in the world including in Indonesia market. Not only that, the specification is also interesting to be considered the price is not too expensive. That is a qualified audio device to meet your needs, and the network has support with 4G LTE. Screen sector measuring 5.5 inches and has a full HD resolution of 1080 pixels. This smartphone uses processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chip and textured 64-bit. That processor octa-core speed 1.5 GHz and supported with Adreno 405 graphics. Not to forget this phone is equipped with 13 MP for main camera and 5 MP for front camera. The software section uses Android Lollipop 5.0.1. The price of the ZTE Blade A711 Smartphone range is 1.9 million.

 2. Smartphone Coolpad Shine
Smartphone Coolpad Shine
The second Smartphone which includes cheap price but having fingerprint recognition is Coolpad Shine. The short specification is quite amazing when compared with the price offered. Namely Smartphone Coolpad Shine has been immersed octa-core processor 1.5 GHz power and supported by 8 GB of RAM. While the chip is supported by the processor and this RAM is a snapdragon chip 615, other support also has 2 GB of external memory. The screen size is 5.5 inches but unfortunately still the quality of HD 710 pixels. While the main camera is a rear camera 13 MP and 5 MP for front camera. As for the 4 G Lte network is okay.

3. Smartphone Lenovo Vibe K4 Note
Smartphone Lenovo Vibe K4 Note
The third cheap Smartphone that has fingerprint technology is Lenovo Vive K4 Note. For the specifications we've reviewed in previous posts try to read Lenovo Vibe K4 Note. There is reviewed in detail about its features are also advantages and disadvantages.

4. Smartphone ZTE Blade S7
Smartphone ZTE Blade S7
Back again ZTE-made mobile phones that are cheap but already equipped with fingerprint recognition technology. ZTE Blade S7 design is quite slick and charming to impress like an expensive Smartphone. Interestingly this Smartphone is not just relying on the fingerprint feature but also features other supporting features of the retina scanner feature; serves to set the combination between the two features and the results would be more secure. ZTE Blade S7 Smartphone has been given Qualcomm Snapdragon615 MSM8939 chip supported with octa-core processor speed 1.5 GHz and 3GB RAM. For the internal storage is 32GB. OS ZTE Blade S7 using Android Lollipop 5.1, while the Smartphone screen sized 5 inches and is full HD.

5. Smartphone Zuk Z1
Smartphone Zuk Z1
Smartphone Zuk 1 feature is quite good because it has been equipped with Cynogen interface, while for fingerprint technology can be rotated up to 306 degrees. In terms of multimedia is given features difac that supports small speakers. To facilitate the transfer of data to other devices such as to PC and Laptop can through USB 3 port that has been provided. The body looks quite attractive front of the stretched screen size 5.5 inches full HD with a density of 401 dpi is also equipped with a brightview feature that allows you to get a clear picture despite minimal light. Processor using Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 supported with 3GB RAM, 3GB ROM and 330 graphics.

The five smartphones sold at cheap prices in the market, of course also depends on the full specifications. But here only explains that mobile phones that have cheap fingerprint technology. If interested in them, you can search for the cheapest price updates from sellers.