Advan i55 Full Spec

Advan i55 - Advan again released its new product Advan i55, Smartphone latest Advan is reportedly has excellent features that become its flagship feature on the screen and on the camera sector. Section Advan i55 screen is given a wider size of 5.5 inches so it will spoil you with every display looks more relieved. In addition to its superior features found on the premium Smartphone design is also available on the camera that offers better resolution the result every shot will produce a more fantastic image. So what about the other features whether it supports with this excellent feature. Well in order to be the right choice for you let us look at a glance about the specifications of this i55 Advan.

Advan i55 will become a mainstay product after previously launched Advan i45 and i5A, Advan i55 also to target the Smartphone market 4G technology. But as described above Advan i55 forward features premium features and specifications are sufficient to be used to support daily activities. Advan i55 equipped with a more spacious screen size so it will feel more comfortable when running any Smartphone applications. Overall specification Advan i55 is the development of the sevendor brothers’ i5A, therefore the features brought by Advan i55 certainly slightly different than the previous version of it. See the following details.

Advan i55 Specifications

Advan i55
Smartphone Advan i55
Harga Spesifikasi Advan i55

# More Comfortable Screen

On the screen other than sized 5.5-inch relief has also embedded IPS technology is supported with HD screen resolution (720x1280 pixels). This feature is combined with Miravision technology that will certainly present a more real verbal appearance, soft and clear. Well this is very supportive for your daily activities such as playing games, browsing and even it is very qualified to provide clearer video images and clear and more comfortable in the eyes.

Interestingly Advan i55 equipped with lighting settings for indoor and outdoor use. So you can customize and take advantage of the features in accordance with the conditions around you, though under the hot sun, thanks to this feature will still gives clearer picture. Touchscreen feature is more attractive and responsive so it will minimize the occurrence of a typo. Not only that, the display screen is also supported with a relief anybody design that looks more luxurious like a top class Smartphone like the iPhone 6. Each corner is designed rounded so it will remain comfortable to grasp one hand even though the fruits are a bit big.

# 4G LTE Network Supported Hot Knot

The Advan i55 LTE 4G network has a higher speed for online activities either browsing, downloading or uploading, up to 100Mbps of download speed and 15 Mpbs when used for upload. In the trial of LTE service using Advan i55 is used for interterm activities such as browsing, access various social media sites, access youtube video and streaming all goes well even including used to run the game online though. Interestingly in this sector has received support from Hot Knot technology is a useful feature to launch file transfer over Wi-Fi network. Thanks to this feature, the delivery of files becomes easier that is just by touching the back of the Smartphone with another Smartphone with a note must equally feature Hot Knot yes.
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# Quad-core 64-bit Processor

Advan i55 has been using Android OS Lollipop 5.1 withdraw it already using 64-bit Architecture. Screen display as Advan product, which is to find all the applications on the Smartphone including applications that will be installed later is very easy just by sweeping the screen to the left and right all can be seen. Not only that Advan i55 is also equipped with MediaTek chipset MT6735P (64-bit). Powered with quad-core processor that has a speed of 1.0 Ghz, and also supported with 2 GB of RAM and GPU Mali-T720. Well with the processor, Advan i55 is highly qualified to run almost all android applications including to play games.

Processor makes the Advan i55 performance is good enough that when used to run the game can run smoothly and a better graphical display.

# Camera More Sharp

Advan i55 is equipped with two cameras as another Smartphone is the main camera on the back and selfi camera is on the front of the Smartphone. The main camera is given 13MP sensor. The main camera is supported with advanced features like panorama, face beauty, Live Photo, Motion Track, normal, HDR. With the rear camera is good enough to produce sharper shots both in low light conditions. Outdoor use looks clearer than in the room. But with the activation of LED Flash feature will clean the noise effect when used to take a shot in the room.

To accommodate selfie there is a front camera that you can use, its use will be easier and effective because of the camera shutter function contained in the volume button. Not only that, selfie will be more fun with Advan i55 because you will find smile detection feature and gesture finger shape "V", giving the camera more practical when capturing automatic.

# Larger Internal Storage

Advan i55 equipped with a larger internal storage of 16GB in addition to the microSD external memory. From both internal and external storage size will be able to accommodate many files (data, music and video), applications and images. It is also supported with On-The-Go USB (USB OTG) technology that can make you easy transfer of files from Smartphone to Flashdisk without going through other devices like PC and Laptop.

# Rich media

Advan i55 is quite capable for music and video playback, the article Advan i55 is supported with good earphone technology contained in the sales package. The sound of music also sounds great with the equalizer feature. In addition to the Music player and video player there is also an FM Radio that can be activated when you are tired of enjoying music in local storage.