Vivo X6S And Vivo X6S Plus : Specifications and Advantages

Price Vivo X6S and Vivo X6S Plus, - After we discussing two Smartphone made by Samsung is Samsung Galaxy J5 and Samsung Galaxy J7 this time will review two Smartphone again. This Smartphone duo made by Chinese vendors known as premium Smartphone manufacturer, well this time Vivo presents two smart phones ready to fill the world gadget market including Indonesia. Two of these Smartphone are Vivo X6S and Vivo X6S Plus, reportedly both these Smartphone also rely on stunning specifications as previous versions. Features that become the flagship of these Smartphone are expected to win the competition in the market gadgets, Vivo equipped with higher features as well as a music player capable phone.

Vivo X6S and Vivo X6S Plus is a development of previous versions of Vivo X6 and Vivo X6 Plus, so there are many similarities between the two versions. Vivo X6S and Vivo X6S Plus have specifications not much different from previous versions of Vivo X6 and Vivo X6 Plus. The Vivo X6S is equipped with an audio processor AKM4357 32-bit DAC, while for Vivo X6S Plus embedded Yamaha YSS-205X and ES9028 DA audio processors, X6S Plus audio technology is also embedded in Vivo X5Max.

Pair of Smartphone is indeed many have the same main features for example both for Vivo X6S and Vivo X6S Plus has the same amount of RAM with a capacity of 4GB, supported with 32GB and 64GB internal memory. The processor using octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 652. It is coupled with the support graphics (GPU) Adreno 520. Support processor spec will make both these Smartphone have a good performance and work with the maximum.

Not interested in terms of processor alone, Vivo X6S and Vivo X6S Plus also supports the current connectivity technology 4G LTE, but it is also equipped with finger print technology or fingerprint sensor.

About the camera found on Vivo X6S has brought 13 MP sensors. As for the Vivo X6S Plus camera has used a 16 MP sensor reinforced with autofocus technology (PDAF) that is able to produce the focus lock speed of only 0.6 seconds. As for the operation of the system using the Android 5.1 Lollipop is supported with the interface FunTouch UI typical Vivo.

Vivo X6S
Vivo X6S
Vivo X6S Plus
Vivo X6S Plus

As for the outside of both Smartphone are capable of displaying the impression of luxury, the article of sleek design with only 6.6 mm thick Smartphone looks elegant and cool. Diagonal Vivo X6S 5.2-inch diagonal while for Vivo X6S Plus has a larger screen size of 5.7 inches.

But both have been equipped with Super AMOLED technology that already supports Full HD technology (1080p). So with this display technology you can enjoy every video show that is Full HD where the images presented more clearly and more clearly.

After knowing the specification details whether in accordance with the price offered? Surely this can be your own conclusions. Price Vivo X6S and Vivo X6S Plus now you can see in online stores, search for the cheapest price quote.

Hopefully the Vivo Smartphone information presented here along with the completeness of specifications can be a guide for those of you who want to buy a Smartphone.