Vivo V3 And Vivo V3Max : Full Specs And Price

Vivo V3 and V3Max Price - One of the interesting things of the Smartphone is its appearance, as well as the consumer form of the Smartphone display design becomes the main part into consideration when about to buy a Smartphone. There are many options that can be done to make Smartphone viewer become more interesting and liked by many circles. One of the designs that become the choice of the public is a Smartphone metal design because it seems more solid, elegant and luxurious. This metal design is applied to the Vivo V3 and V3Max Smartphone that are ready to perform with you while hanging out with your colleagues. This luxurious and elegant design will make you look more trendy, what about the specifications?

To find out what are the advantages specs you can read more, then compare with the sale price is comparable or not. All we can recommend here is choose a Smartphone or other gadget to suit your needs, and consider the type of technology it carries with you whether to support it with technology now for the next two years or not. Now the specifications Vivo V3 and V3Max, both of you can take attention the following paragraph. By its flagship feature hopefully can answer the needs you want and of course the price fits in the pocket.

Vivo V3
Vivo V3
Vivo V3Max
Vivo V3Max
V3 model has a metal design with a diagonal width of 5-inch screen is supported with a 720px resolution HD screen. Medium for the processor rely on SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 616, which is supported with 3GB of RAM and coupled with 32GB of internal memory. As for the model Vivo V3Max equipped with a screen measuring 5.5 inches tauchscreen and already FullHD 1080piksel. The sleek 7.58mm design draws on this screen equipped with 2.5D glass technology. While in terms of processor Vivo V3Max is given Qualcomm Snapdragon chip 652, which is supported with 4GB of RAM and coupled with internal memory of 32GB.

This Smartphone is able to last longer article has been equipped with a capacity of 3000 mAh battery. And for both this Smartphone (Vivo V3 and V3Max) equipped with the same camera that is the main camera with 13MP lens equipped with autofocus phase technology. This technology is able to focus faster 0.2 seconds. Not only is that, to accommodate lovers of selfi smartphone action also equipped with a front camera that is suitable to produce stunning action shots selfi because the front camera carrying 8MP pixels lens. Where the magnitude of this lens exceeds is most of the other Smartphone that most of them only 5MP.

For more use Vivo also complements with AK4375 high quality audio chips that will provide a more clear sound quality. While support for network features also should not be ignored, for both of these Smartphone have supported the 4G LTE network, well exactly once with your needs today. Other support services are also found in the battery sector, where Vivo V3 and V3Max have batteries capable of loading quickly. So it is very good for you who likes traveling and adventure that often find barrier for Smartphone battery charging. That's the specification of the Vivo V3 and V3Max, then what about the price offered whether appropriate or not? Check out the following prices Vivo V3 and V3Max prices.

Vivo V3 And V3Max Prices

After knowing the specifications of the two smartphones above whether you are interested to have this Smartphone, please you search for the cheapest price quote in inline stores.

Hopefully these reviews can help to find the most appropriate smartphone for you. If you want other Vivo smartphone products can be read Vivo X6S and Vivo X6S Plus.

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