Samsung Galaxy J5 And Samsung Galaxy J7 2017

This time will provide information about the Smartphone made from the world's leading vendor that Samsung has launched in the year 2016. Two couple’s series is present at the same time ready to fill the world of gadgets and compete in the market. This Smartphone will be the choice of consumer gadget fans, because both smart phones are equipped with higher features that is on RAM capacity and a more solid screen.

Well who is the pair of this product? The intended is Samsung Galaxy J5 and Samsung Galaxy J7. Both Smartphone are equipped with your features, both Samsung Galaxy J5 and Samsung Galaxy J7 both have a body design that is not much different from previous versions that still favor the slim form that has a more luxurious impression and look elegant. The sleek shape will also give comfort to everyone who holds it. Apart from the fun design sector, other sophisticated features also make the performance of these two smartphones is increasing.

Samsung Galaxy J7

Both Smartphone are able to work better the second article has been equipped with advanced technology processor, for Samsung Galaxy J7 has been using octa-core processor with a speed of 1.6 Gz. From the power of this type of processor, Samsung Galaxy J7 faster when running any applications that has been installed on the Smartphone. Interestingly again Samsung Galaxy J7 with the processor gets the support of 16 GB RAM and Super AMOLED type screen, so not only the speed of the course but its superior appearance is also clearer and clearer even under the hot sun.
Samsung Galaxy J7
Samsung Galaxy J7
In the sector of Samsung Galaxy J7 camera equipped with rear camera with 13MP sensor along with a Flash LED that allows overcoming the noise problem on the shots. Being for the 5MP front camera that is ready to use for your selfie shots then share to all your friends and relatives. In terms of network, of course Samsung Galaxy J7 already supports 4G LTE network plus the support of NFC connection that makes you more pampered with connections today.

Screen size is not so wide, but the 5.5-inch diagonal owned Samsung Galaxy J7 already feel relieved to enjoy every appearance that is produced, not only that the screen size will also facilitate the operation that can be run even with just one hand. Super AMOLED technology that has been immersed in the screen size also produces a more solid appearance and already support with Full HD not just HD alone. Significant power density of 3300 mAh is ready to supply power for everyday purposes. Then what about the full specs? For that see more detail below.

Samsung Galaxy J5

Samsung Galaxy J7 features are not as sophisticated as Samsung Galaxy J7, but enough can be considered if you want the price of the Smartphone under the Samsung Galaxy J7. Samsung Galaxy J5 is given a quad-core CPU with a speed of 1.2 Gz, supported by 2GB of RAM and internal memory is actually 16GB.

Advanced specifications are able to meet your daily needs with Smartphone activity. As Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy J5 is also equipped with two types of camera namely the main camera is the back of the sensor with 13MP while for the front camera of 5 MP is good enough to produce a beautiful and handsome selfie photos.
Samsung Galaxy J5
Samsung Galaxy J5
Samsung Galaxy J5 activities can last longer, the article of this smart phone has been equipped with the power of 3100 mAh battery power is ready to supply power. As with Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy J5 is also supported with NFC connection and LTE technology.

Samsung Galaxy J7 dan Samsung Galaxy J5

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